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Around 3.4 million Australians used drugs in the past 12 months.


Right now, most of these Australians have no reliable way of knowing how potent these drugs are and what they might contain.


Having information to make more informed decisions around drug use can help avoid harm, hospitalisation, and even death.

Who we are


The Loop is an Australian not-for-profit organisation set up in 2018 to develop the sustainable provision of drug checking services in Australia.

We have organising teams in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Our teams are comprised of chemists, pharmacists, sociologists, drug and alcohol specialists, GPs, toxicologists and other allied health staff. 

Guided by international expertise and experience, we are working to introduce world-class drug checking and harm reduction services for Australians.

Our mission

We believe that drug checking services should be freely accessible to people who choose to use drugs.

We also believe that drug checking services should be available in a range of settings including permanent community testing sites with other drug health services, and social and entertainment settings such as nightclubs, music venues and festivals.

Our work

CheQpoint (Queensland)

We've partnered with QuIHN and QuIVAA to operate CheQpoint, Queensland's first fixed-site drug checking service.

MSIC Drug Checking Research Project (New South Wales)

We're working with Uniting NSW.ACT to run a drug checking research project at Sydney's Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) in Kings Cross.

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