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We believe that respectful debate, discussion and information sharing are critical to achieve our goal of a safer world for people who use drugs. To maintain a safe online space to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about drugs and drug checking, we’ve created guidelines for our social media channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).


When interacting with our social media accounts, please do not:


  • Use language that is offensive, discriminatory, violent, hateful, aggressive or threatening.

  • Make comments that are defamatory or libellous

  • Make comments that are inaccurate or misleading, particularly about The Loop Australia, its services or affiliated people

  • Make comments that attack, harass, threaten or abuse others (i.e. people or groups)

  • Post multiple, repetitive, or excessive comments that express the same view or that are on the same issue, particularly if they are off-topic

  • Violate copyright or intellectual property rights

  • Comment for the purpose of self-promotion or promotion of commercial interests

  • Post sexually explicit content


The Loop Australia reserves the right to enforce these rules at our discretion (e.g. by hiding or removing posts, or blocking users in some circumstances).

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