Co-Founder & Executive Director

Will's professional experience is in drug and alcohol program evaluation, social policy research, communications and campaigning. He completed a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney before beginning a career as a research and evaluation consultant to Australian government departments and agencies. He founded Unharm in 2014 to work with communities of activists to promote policy innovation, wellbeing and practices of care. He co-founded The Loop Australia in 2018.

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Fiona has been Professor of Criminology at Durham University since 2013, conducted research on changing trends in drug use and their policy implications for over 25 years, and has been going to clubs for even longer. Her frustration at lack of progress in UK drug policy combined with her genetic predisposition to contrariness led her to co-found the Loop UK (The Loop Australia’s sister-organisation) in 2013 and she has been on a mission to enhance harm reduction and introduce drug safety testing ever since. She co-founded The Loop Australia in 2018.

Co-Director & NSW State Convenor

Rob is a Sydney-based GP who believes strongly in the provision of high-quality care to people who use drugs and other marginalised populations, and in the value of investment in harm reduction services. Alongside clinical work with people who are homeless and people who use drugs, he works with peer and user organisations to deliver education and training on substance use, drug-related health issues and harm reduction.

Victoria Organiser

Rita is an Assistant Lecturer and researcher in the alcohol and other drugs sector. She has a keen interest in the political and social context of AOD use, and is passionate about evidence-based information sharing and capacity building that promotes sensible and compassionate discussions about drug use and reducing drug-related harm.

National Manager

Cameron is a Social Worker with almost 20 years experience in the youth alcohol and other drugs sector. Cameron has worked in a number of different roles including peer education at dance parties and music festivals, needle and syringe program work, individual counselling, and more recently in a role that involves training and complex case consultation.


Victoria State Convenor & Senior Harm Reduction Worker

Sarah has worked in Harm Reduction for 17 years, having accidentally fallen into it when working in homeless services. She's worked in Harm Reduction services in the UK, New Zealand and Australia and has worked in every Supervised Injecting facility in the Southern Hemisphere (addit: there are only two).


Victoria Organiser & Senior Harm Reduction Worker

Ginny has been passionate about harm reduction for as long as she can remember. Her work in the community sector in Melbourne has included working in the community legal sector, working in youth homeless & outreach services & in drug and alcohol & harm reduction services. Ginny has long been a part of the festival & live music community and currently also volunteers as a peer educator/harm reduction nerd at several events in her ‘spare’ time.

Senior Chemist & Victoria Organiser

Jacob is an analytical chemist by profession who has been involved with The Loop since 2017 when he volunteered at three UK music festivals with The Loop UK.

Research Convenor & Victoria Organiser

Matthew is a public health researcher with 15 years experience in the alcohol and other drug field. He is a lecturer and researcher in the higher education sector and is passionate about evidence based policy and reducing the harms related to alcohol and other drugs.


Communications Convenor & Victoria Organiser

Isabelle is a research officer and PhD student. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Sociology) and Honours in Psychology. She is currently undertaking a PhD focusing on policy, participation, and "young people's drug use". She is responsible for overseeing national communications, and is a part of the Victorian organising team.


Research Lead & Victoria Stakeholder Engagement

Monica is a Senior Research Fellow with 17 years experience in the AOD sector. She has worked in two of Australia's national centres doing AOD research. Harm reduction for festival- and club-going populations has been a sustained theme of Monica's research, which includes surveys about the acceptability and feasibility of drug checking services in Australia and a global catalogue of drug checking services operating in 2017. Monica is responsible for stakeholder engagement in Victoria and also guides research design and processes for The Loop Australia.


Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Advisor

Nicole is Director of alcohol and other drug consultancy 360Edge and Adjunct Professor at the National Drug Research Institute. She is also a member of the Federal Government’s Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and other Drugs. She has worked in the alcohol and other drug sector for 30 years in clinical practice, research and teaching. She has a particular interest in harm reduction and treatment for people who use stimulant drugs, such as methamphetamine and MDMA. Her focus is on translating research to policy and practice to improve services for people who use alcohol and other drugs.


Queensland Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Cheneal is a Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. She is involved in a number of research projects focusing on reducing harms related to substance use, including the Queensland evaluation of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Policy (QUANTEM), the Global Drug Survey, and the CARP smoking cessation trial. Her primary research interest is smoking cessation among justice-involved and priority populations. Cheneal is responsible for assisting with research and evaluation processes for the Loop Australia’s Queensland branch.




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